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USSSA Awards the Sportsplex With a Super NIT to Kick Off 2019

The official Spring/Summer season of 2019 at the West Tennessee Healthcare Sportsplex will begin with an opportunity for two teenage teams to achieve milestone goals and all other age groups to kick off their campaigns with a flurry of USSSA points (if you’re into that kind of thing!).

In the March 8-10 Jackson Action Super NIT (a first for this facility!), the 13 Major and 14 Major division champions will receive automatic berths to the USSSA Elite 32 World Series. The remaining age groups will have AA and AAA competition for Super NIT points, which are considerably higher than for a normal state qualifier or a Global World Series event.

Berths for this event are limited to 24 teams in the 13s and 14s divisions, 16 teams in each of the groups from 9-12, and 8 teams each in the 7s and 8s.  If one group fills significantly before another age group that plays in the same pod of fields, it may be expanded while another age group gets condensed.  Therefore, the earliest entries will be the only ones guaranteed to get the spots.  For this event, no entry can be accepted by the USSSA without an accompanying online payment.

To accommodate this event, the Sportsplex has moved the Mid-South Middle School Baseball Tournament to the following weekend (March 14-16, using Complexes C and D) – the other age groups will compete in the Play Ball Spring Classic on March 15-17 using Complexes A and B.