Teams that are classified as Major in the USSSA rankings are eligible to play in Sportsplex baseball tournaments listed as Open, Global or Majors. They may also play in AA/AAA events if certain conditions are met.

  1. Major teams must play up at least one age division. Example: 10-year-old Major teams must complete in the 11-year-old division or higher in order to enter the tournament.
  1. There must be enough Major and AAA teams in an event to avoid facing AA teams in pool play. Example: If there are at least four Major/AAA teams in an event, and at least four AA teams, we can separate the AA teams from the rest. If this separation cannot be made from the available entries, each situation will be evaluated individually, and a solution will be reached that ensures fair competition among the AA/AAA entries. This may include having to drop a Major team from the lineup.
  1. If a Major team wins one of these AA/AAA tournaments, it becomes ineligible to enter another AA/AAA event at the Sportsplex for the rest of the spring and summer season.
  1. Major teams may enter AA/AAA one event at a time. Multiple tournament entries will not be allowed because they may block AA/AAA teams, which should have first priority in these events.