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A Key Recommendation for Our Participants…

As we make our way toward the 2018 season at the West Tennessee Healthcare Sportsplex, we’d like to occasionally make recommendations for those of you who may be new to travel ball (AND – we’d like to REMIND you travel ball veterans of a few things as well!).

First and foremost: This facility is designed to create an atmosphere of both fun and development.  We want the young people who play here to develop a genuine love for the games of baseball and softball, as well as improving their talents in those sports.  Sometimes that’s hard to do when their coaches or parents have expectations that are completely unrealistic for their children.  No boy who plays here is going to lose a college scholarship because a ball gets through his legs, or he misses a pop fly at a key moment.  No girl who plays here will miss a chance at a professional contract because she strikes out with the bases loaded or (if she’s young enough) decides to chase a butterfly down the rightfield line on a warm summer day.  But if coaches and parents take the attitude of impressing upon these youngsters that they should have fun while trying to improve every day, great things can be accomplished.

A great way to put a lot of this in the proper perspective is to read “The Matheny Manifesto,” a book written by current St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny.  The former Major League all-star catcher actually COACHED travel ball teams, and he had some unique viewpoints on developing his players (AND their parents!).  You can find it at bookstores or online – it’s a great resource. – Ron Barry

In the meantime, take a look around our new website. It’s been completely redesigned. This “Sports Talk” space will include occasional blog entries from our staff, providing information, commentary, and (hopefully) inspiration! You’ll find information about tournaments and various resources designed to make your stay in Jackson a pleasant experience.

We hope to see you in the stands or out on the diamond this year. So join in the fun, and register your team today.

“17 Fields. 1 Goal. The Best Travel Ball Experience.”

The West Tennessee Healthcare Sportsplex