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Organizational Frequency Baseball Discount

For organizations with multiple teams at different age levels, the organization will receive a free tournament entry for every nine paid registrations by its teams (i.e., an organization’s 10th registration fee will be waived).  It will be up to the organization to decide which of its teams will receive the free entry each time a 10th registration has been made.  The Sportsplex will waive the registration fee for that team and make an online adjustment for the designated team.  This offer does not include the USSSA Super NIT nor the USSSA West Tennessee State Tournament.


Each team that makes a championship final in any age group, or a championship final in a gold or silver division of an age group, will receive awards at the tournament’s conclusion.

Only overall age group champions or gold division winners will receive team awards; all teams who make a final will receive individual awards for each player. These awards are usually distributed on the east side of the Complex B pavilion for baseball.