Our tournament season runs from March to October. Our tournament schedule is below.


The “Quick Entry” Discount

Your team can earn a $20 discount off the regular entry fee of any baseball tournament at the Sportsplex (with the exception of both the Grand Slam State Tournament and USSSA West Tennessee State Tournament) by being one of the first four teams in each age group to sign up for that specific event.

Teams do not have to pay in advance to receive the discount, but each team must follow through on its commitment to play in the event in order to receive the discount. If a team qualifies for the discount but then wants to change to another event, the discount does not automatically move to the new event unless it is still one of the first four entries.

A team can have up to five “Quick Entry” discounts from Fall 2018 through Summer 2019. After that, the team qualifies for an even larger discount ($40 per tournament) for all future events that season.

Best Customer Baseball Discount

Every Baseball team that plays in five events from Fall 2018 through Summer 2019 receives a $40 discount on entries to all additional 2019 spring/summer events at the Sportsplex, excluding the state tournament.


Each team that makes a championship final in any age group, or a championship final in a gold or silver division of an age group, will receive awards at the tournament’s conclusion.

Only overall age group champions or gold division winners will receive team awards; all teams who make a final will receive individual awards for each player. These awards are usually distributed on the east side of the Complex B pavilion for baseball.