Food and Beverage

Absolutely no alcoholic beverages allowed. Violators will be asked to leave.

Prohibited Items and Actions

  • Grilling (we will be glad to give you directions to parks that allow grilling)
  • Pets (exception: service animals only) Due to the abundance of visitors in our complex and the innate liability risk, The West Tennessee Healthcare Sportsplex is NOT a pet friendly facility. Working Service animals are permitted as their use is protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Working Service Animals must be leashed, harnessed, or tethered and under the control of its owner at all times. Emotional Support Animals are not considered as a Working Service Animal by the ADA and are not permitted into the complex. There is a beautiful Dog Park next to the Baseball Stadium adjacent our property that welcomes all dogs. Please share this with your parents to avoid issues and delays at our entrances.
  • Tobacco and e-cigarettes (smoking areas are outside the gate)


Team boom boxes or musical amplifiers will be allowed inside the facility, but users must adhere to the general consensus of all teams and spectators in the listening area.  If a Sportsplex staff member gives direction to turn a device down or off, the user is expected to comply immediately. Absolutely zero profanity.

Gate Admissions

  • All City of Jackson Tournament events will have an admission charge for people age 6 or over.
  • Children ages 5 or younger and players in uniform will always be admitted free.
  • Gate fees will vary depending on event (i.e., State Championships, World Series).

Coaches Passes

Each team will receive four coaches’ passes upon check-in. Coaches who lose, forget or misplace their passes will be required to pay a nonrefundable gate admission. Individuals who abuse or misuse these passes shall forfeit their passes for the duration of the tournament.

Tournament Format Alterations

The City of Jackson reserves the right to alter, change or abbreviate tournament formats, when necessary, in order to complete the tournament. This includes changing classifications if teams are bumped to a higher classification following the schedule release. Teams will be required to play up for any future events after the scheduled tournament.


Sportsmanship by players, coaches and fans is expected at all times. Coaches will be responsible for their own fans’ behavior. Razzing, heckling, chanting, or making disparaging remarks towards opponents, in any manner, is prohibited. Inappropriate conduct by fans can result in a coach’s ejection. The umpire-in-chief will handle any rule misinterpretations immediately, and finally, no judgment calls will be addressed. There will be no protest.  Any coach or player ejected by an umpire will miss the remainder of the game from which they were ejected, plus the team’s following game.  Only in very rare exceptions will umpires and staff allow a variance in this judgment.

Exceptions: Protests are allowed in only two categories – player eligibility, including the use of a pitcher who is not eligible to pitch, and age. There are no protests allowed over judgment calls by umpires, and certainly never regarding balls and strikes.

If there is a rule misinterpretation by an umpire, a coach should call timeout and ask the scorekeeper or a Sportsplex staff member to immediately contact the umpire-in-chief, who will make the final ruling before allowing the game to continue.

The Sportsplex leaders operate on the premise of the intended spirit of any individual rule, not the technicality of any rule. Thereby, coaches are discouraged from trying to find technical ways to bend the rules to their favor. All protests must be accompanied by an upfront fee of $100 in cash – if the protest is upheld, the $100 will be immediately returned.  If the protest is not upheld, the team will lose the $100 fee. Coaches are responsible for knowing the protest methods contained in these guidelines and in the rules of the sanctioning organization of any individual tournament.

Protests may be allowed in all District, State, Regional and World Series tournament play. Check with the tournament director for protest guidelines prior to each respective tournament.


All ejections for coaches, players, and fans will result in banishment from that game and the next game/day. If a coach is ejected from a game, that coach must exit the facility for the remainder of the game. In special circumstances, the tournament director or umpire-in-chief reserves the right to allow a suspended coach or player to return for the following game.

Remember: Rule interpretations may be disputed – not judgment calls, especially balls and strikes. This is youth baseball; bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated at our events. The game is not for the glorification of the umpires, coaches or parents. We host games to give the kids the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of baseball as they refine and improve their skills – that should be the main emphasis of everyone involved.

RV Parking

RV Parking will only be available in the rear of C Parking Lot. No hook ups for vehicles are available.

Final Note

The West Tennessee Healthcare Sportsplex is without question one of the finest, most well-maintained youth and adult sports facilities available. Teams are expected to pick up trash and debris in the dugout before departure from all games. Your assistance in keeping these facilities in good shape is greatly appreciated. Please urge your coaches, players and fans to use all trash receptacles provided. We believe that the respect of a ballpark and ball fields is something that coaches, parents and fans can, by example, teach young players along with learning how to play the game.