In alphabetical order, we’ll try to answer your most frequently asked questions or explain our policies on topics pertaining to a visit to the West Tennessee Healthcare Sportsplex. If you have a question about a topic that is not listed here, just give our office a call at 731-425-8640.

Address – The physical mailing address of the Sportsplex is 250 BancorpSouth Parkway, Jackson, TN, 38305. Our email address is

Alcoholic Beverages – Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed in the park. Violators will be asked to leave the facility immediately.

Awards – Each team that makes a championship final in any age group, or a championship final in a gold or silver division of an age group, will receive awards at the tournament’s conclusion. Only overall age group champions, or gold division winners, will receive team awards; all teams who make a final will receive individual awards for each player. These awards are usually distributed at the field site of each championship game.

Batting Cages – The West TN Healthcare Sportsplex has batting cages available in the Main Pavilion in Complex B.

Boom Boxes/Music Amplifiers – Boom boxes / music amplifiers will be allowed inside the facility as long as the teams bringing them adhere to sound levels and content that do not upset play or spectators on adjoining or surrounding fields.  If asked by Sportsplex staff to turn volumes down or off, teams are expected to comply immediately.

Coaches Passes – Each team is given four coaches passes for a tournament. These passes are available at the entrance gate in the complex in which a team plays its first game of the event; each pass is available after a coach records his or her signature on a sign-in sheet at the gate. If a pass is lost or irreparably damaged beyond identification, it will not be replaced for that weekend. The coach without the pass will then be expected to pay a gate admission fee. Therefore, please take extra care to guard your pass once received.

Complex A – The field pod closest to Dr. F. E. Wright Drive, Complex A has five fields with a fence distance of 200 feet each. There are two all-dirt infields for 7-and-8-year-old coach-pitch games. Complex A also has three grassed infields for 9-and-10-year-old baseball games. Complex A also features a modern playground and a central pavilion area providing a bit of sun relief, as well as a concessions stand and gift shop.

Complex B – The central five-field pod directly behind the main entrance of the Sportsplex, Complex B hosts baseball play for ages 11 and 12, featuring 250-foot fencing. Complex B also hosts the facility’s main offices, its largest concessions stand, and the pavilion where batting cages located. Complex B has an additional building located in the center of the 5 fields. This building has both a concessions and restroom area for parents and fans.

Complex C – This three-field pod contains 300-foot fencing and is the home base for games featuring age 13 games (54-foot mound distance, 80 feet between bases). It is located east of Complex B and features its own concessions stand as well as its own parking lot. Overnight RV parking is allowed in this lot, although there are no electrical or water hook-ups. A tunnel connects the Complex C parking lot to Complex D.

Complex D – This pod, located next to The Ballpark at Jackson (home of the Prospect League’s Jackson Rockabillys), has four fields with 300-foot fencing.  Complex D also contains a concessions stand, Gift Shop, and restrooms. Fields 15 and 16 have grass infields for 60 x 90 play, and Field 17 has been modified to allow 60 x 90 play (but with a dirt infield), for 14-year-old baseball events.  With Temporary Fencing any age group may play on Field 14 or Field 17.  Softball is also played on these two fields.

Concessions Stands –  The Sportsplex will have normal concession items. Teams and fans are permitted to bring in food and beverages with the exception of sunflower seeds and alcohol.

Contact Rule – In effect at all times in all age groups in baseball.  This rule specifies that a baserunner must either slide or try to avoid a tag on all close plays at any base, making every attempt to avoid contact. A violation is cause for immediate ejection of the baserunner, if an umpire rules that the runner did not make a sufficient attempt to avoid contact.

Coolers – Coolers are permitted to be brought in to any tournament.  They are subject to inspection as Alcohol of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Directions to the Sportsplex – Located at 250 BancorpSouth Parkway in Jackson, TN, the Sportsplex is easily accessible from all directions. From either the east or west of Jackson, leave I-40 at Exit 85 and go south of the interstate to the first traffic light past the Holiday Inn Express (between Jack’s and Arby’s); turn left, and the Sportsplex will be on your right within a minute. From the south, leave Dr. F. E. Wright Drive and turn right at the BancorpSouth Parkway intersection (McDonald’s will be on your left). From the north, Christmasville Road becomes Dr. F. E. Wright Drive as you cross I-40; continue to the first traffic light past Holiday Inn Express, and turn left. The Sportsplex is approximately 75 miles from Memphis, 125 miles from Nashville, and within a four-hour drive from St. Louis, Chattanooga, Birmingham, or Little Rock. It’s less than six hours from Atlanta and Louisville.

Discounts –  The Sportsplex provides a discount for organizations with multiple teams at different age levels, the organization will receive a free tournament entry for every nine paid registrations by its teams (i.e., an organization’s 10th registration fee will be waived).  It will be up to the organization to decide which of its teams will receive the free entry each time a 10th registration has been made.  The Sportsplex will waive the registration fee for that team and make an online adjustment for the designated team.  This offer does not include the Super NIT nor the USSSA West Tennessee State Tournament.

E-Cigarettes/Vapor Cigs – No smoking of e-cigs or vapor cigs is allowed inside the park.

Ejections – If a coach, player or spectator is ejected from a game, he or she will also be considered suspended from the team’s next game. Any coach ejected from a game must exit the facility for the remainder of that game. In very limited special circumstances, the tournament director or umpire-in-chief reserves the right to allow a suspended player or coach to return for the following game. Coaches are responsible for the actions of their team’s players and fans, and inappropriate conduct by any party can result in ejections and/or game forfeiture. Good sportsmanship is expected to be the norm at this facility. Please remember: (1) These are kids; (2) This is a game; (3) The coaches are volunteers; (4) The umpires are human; and (5) This is not the Major Leagues. Please act accordingly.  (See also: Sportsmanship.)

Entry Fees – For all USSSA events, teams may pay their entry fees online at (which would include an additional convenience fee) or in the main office.  Any pre-paid entry fee will not be refunded if a team withdraws from a tournament after the schedule for that event has been posted on the Sportsplex website. If a team has not yet paid its entry fee, but withdraws from an event after the schedule has been posted, it will be required to pre-pay for any future event entered that season.

Fields – The Sportsplex has 17 fields, grassed with Tifway 419 Bermuda on all outfields and on 13 of the infields. Two of the infields in Complex A and two infields in Complex D are dirt. The facility has already been honored twice by the Tennessee Turfgrass Association for “Best Municipal Sports Fields” in the state. Many teams tell us they are the best fields they have seen among the various places they go.

Food – The Sportsplex will sell normal concession items throughout tournament days. Teams and fans are permitted to bring in food and beverages with the exception of sunflower seeds and alcohol.

Forfeited Games – Any team that forfeits a game to another will be considered the loser of that game. A pre-game forfeit will be allowed only in the event of a team not being able to field enough players to compete in the scheduled game. A game forfeited during play because of a rule violation will be recorded as a win for the non-penalized team; a final score will be determined in the fairest way possible regarding runs allowed averages from other games (this may vary according to specific circumstances). A team will not be allowed to forfeit a game as a means to save its pitching for future games in the tournament.

Game Baseballs – Each team must supply two baseballs at the beginning of each game. The Sportsplex recognizes any brand of official baseball. Baseballs designed for use in pitching machines are not acceptable. USSSA Baseballs are strongly preferred (and may be required in certain instances) for USSSA events and are available for purchase in Complex A and D Gift Shops.

Gate Admissions – All City of Jackson tournament events will have an admission charge for all persons aged 6 years and over. Children aged 5 or younger and players in uniform will always be admitted free. Gate fees may vary depending on the type of event. Adult weekend passes are available for events that run Friday-Sunday. There are no gate refunds at any time; if there is a chance that play will not take place because of potential inclement weather, please do not purchase an admission until you are certain that play has been verified.

Gift Shops – Complexes A and D have their own gift shops, featuring a variety of items unique to this area. Virtually any item related to baseball or softball is available, as well as clothing items from Southern Couture, Simply Southern and others.

Grilling/Tailgating – There is no grilling or tailgating allowed on Sportsplex property. We will be glad to provide directions to nearby parks that allow grilling.

Hotels/RV Parks – The hotels and RV parks listed on our website have developed partnerships with the Sportsplex and offer special rates to Sportsplex teams and fans. It is not mandatory that teams and fans playing here stay at any of these locations, and the Sportsplex does not receive any percentage of the business that these entities receive. However, we strongly encourage teams and fans to stay in these locations, because these businesses have been positive supporters of this facility.

Inclement Weather – The most current information on weather is reflected on the Sportsplex website home page, regarding the status of play during tournaments.  The Sportsplex also utilizes the RainoutLine app and Phone line (731-888-0077).  RainoutLine automaticly posts updates to the Sportsplex Official Facebook Page as well.  During inclement weather, calls to the main office number may go unanswered as staff members are usually busy restructuring game schedules and gathering forecast information. (See also Rainouts.)

Jackson Rockabillys – The Rockabillys play right next door to the Sportsplex at The Ballpark at Jackson. When the Rockabillys are in town during a Sportsplex tournament, they typically provide vouchers redeemable for free tickets to all teams that play here. These vouchers are distributed from the main Sportsplex office during tournament check-in.

Parking – There are three parking lots on the Sportsplex campus. The largest adjoins Complexes A and B and is located directly in front of the park’s main entrance. Complexes C and D have separate lots right next to their entrance gates. If all of these lots are full during any particular weekend, there is additional parking available in the WTH Administration Building lot across the street from the main entrance.

Pets/Service Animals – No pets are allowed inside the Complex.  Due to the abundance of visitors in our complex and the innate liability risk, The West Tennessee Healthcare Sportsplex is NOT a pet friendly facility. Working Service animals are permitted as their use is protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Working Service Animals must be leashed, harnessed, or tethered and under the control of its owner at all times. Emotional Support Animals are not considered as a Working Service Animal by the ADA and are not permitted into the complex. There is a beautiful Dog Park next to the Baseball Stadium adjacent our property that welcomes all dogs. Please share this with your parents to avoid issues and delays at our entrances.

Phone Numbers – The phone number for the Sportsplex main office is 731-425-8640 (any full-time staff member may be reached through this number). The fax number is 731-422-7071. The WeatherLine number is 731-927-8783 (but please consult the Sportsplex website home page first for the most current information). Ron Barry, the Director of Baseball, is also available at 731-425-8237. Ryan Blake, the Director of Softball, is also available at 731-425-8128.  The grounds keeping office number is 731-927-8784.

Pitching Limits – Any qualifier, state tournament, or World Series play will be governed strictly by the sanctioning host rulebook. Example: For baseball events sanctioned by USSSA, a pitcher is limited to 3 innings in a day if he/she will be allowed to pitch on the following day. If a pitcher goes at least 3.1 innings on a single day, he/she is not allowed to pitch at all on the following day. In USSSA events, a pitcher may pitch up to 6 innings (ages 9-12) or 7 innings (ages 13-14) in a single day, with a maximum of 8 innings total for a single tournament.  In the 15s division, there are no pitching limits.

Placement Points – Every team entered in Sportsplex events receives placement points for their finishing position by the organization sanctioning the event. If a tournament is canceled by inclement weather after bracket play has begun, but has not been completed, the following policies apply: For Single-Elimination brackets – All teams that have not yet suffered a bracket-play loss will be ranked by the order of the seeding with which they entered bracket play, and automatically finish ahead of any teams that have been defeated in bracket play. All teams competing in a gold division bracket automatically finish ahead of all teams competing in a silver division bracket. All teams competing in a silver division bracket automatically finish ahead of all teams who did not qualify for bracket play, if any. As long as a No. 1 seed is still alive in bracket play, that team will be declared the champion in the event of a rainout. For Double-Elimination brackets – All teams that have not yet suffered a loss in the winners bracket will be ranked by the order of the seeding with which they entered bracket play, and automatically finish ahead of any teams that have been defeated in bracket play. All teams that are still alive in losers’ bracket play will be ranked by the order of the seeding with which they entered bracket play, and automatically finish ahead of any teams that have been eliminated from bracket play, if any. Examples: If six teams are still in the winners bracket at the time of a rainout, and four others have dropped into the losers bracket, the six teams still alive in the winners bracket will occupy the first six positions of the ordered finish, ranked by their seeds entering bracket play. The four teams in the losers bracket would make up the bottom 4 positions of the 10 teams involved.

Playing Up – Teams that are classified as Major in the USSSA rankings are eligible to play in Sportsplex baseball tournaments, which are listed as Open, Global, or Majors events, but they also may play in AAA tournaments if the following conditions are met: (1) The Major teams must play up at least one age division; (2) There must be enough Major and AAA teams in an event to avoid facing AA teams; (3) If a Major team wins one of these AAA tournaments, it becomes ineligible to enter another AAA event at the Sportsplex for the rest of the spring/summer season; (4) Major teams may enter AAA tournaments one event at a time only. AAA teams may also play up in AA-only tournaments by fulfilling Item One of these conditions.

Pre-Game Warmups – There is significant space between and around the fields within the Sportsplex to conduct pre-game warmups. Teams may also use the outfield portion of the field on which they will play. No warm up is allowed in front of the dugouts for the safety of coaches and players. There is no pre-game practice allowed on the mounds or home plate areas, nor is any soft-toss or tee hitting allowed anywhere in the park that results in baseballs hitting fencing at close range. No on is allowed to warm up, take batting practice, infield, pickup games or home run derby on any fields not in use.

Privacy Policy – As an extension of a municipality (the City of Jackson), the Sportsplex values its customers and respects their privacy. We do not share, trade, or sell any information regarding our customers with any other businesses or marketing agents. We also do not even share contact information for coaches or teams with other coaches or teams. The Sportsplex does not participate in placing players on specific teams, in an effort to be as fair as possible to all of our participants.

Proof of Age – It is the responsibility of each team’s head coach to have possession of each player’s proof of age, and be able to produce on demand copies of birth certificates or other legally accepted proof of age in the case of any questions regarding a player’s age.

Protests – Protests are allowed in only two categories: player eligibility (including the use of a pitcher who is not eligible to pitch) and age. There are no protests allowed over judgment calls by umpires, and certainly never regarding balls and strikes. If there is a rule misinterpretation by an umpire, a coach should call timeout and ask the scorekeeper or a Sportsplex staff member to immediately contact the umpire-in-chief, who will make the final ruling before allowing the game to continue. The Sportsplex leaders operate on the premise of the intended spirit of any individual rule, not the technicality of any rule. Thereby, coaches are discouraged from trying to find technical ways to bend the rules to their favor. All protests must be accompanied by an upfront fee of $100 in cash – if the protest is upheld, the $100 will be immediately returned. If the protest is not upheld, the team will lose the $100 fee. Coaches are responsible for knowing the protest methods contained in these guidelines and in the rules of the sanctioning organization of any individual tournament.

Rainouts/Inclement Weather – In the event of rain or other inclement weather, games which are normally 6 innings in length become official after 3 innings (or 2 ½ innings if the home team is ahead). Games that are normally 7 innings in length become official after 4 innings (or 3 ½ innings if the home team is ahead). If tournament rainouts occur: Teams will receive a full refund of entry fees if none of their games have officially begun; a 2/3 refund if only its first game has begun; and a 1/3 refund if its first two games have begun. No refunds are given if its third game has begun. (Once a game has begun, all expenses related to that game – umpires, park workers, etc. – must be paid from entry fees collected.) Teams have the option of having any available entry fee refunds applied to future events. (See also Placement Points.)

Restaurants/Eateries – In addition to the outstanding food contained in the Sportsplex concessions stands, there are several choices available locally for eating off-campus.  National chains that are close include Subway, Jet’s Pizza, Denny’s, Taco Bell, Jack’s, Arby’s, Sonic, Burger King, Waffle House and McDonald’s. A Food Giant supermarket is within walking distance as well.

Rules – For baseball, the Sportsplex utilizes National Federation of Baseball rules, as amended by the USSSA organization for USSSA events. A copy of rules specific to baseball can be found separately on this website under “Baseball Rules.”

Run Differential – Used as the fourth step in breaking ties in the standings, the run differential is the span of runs scored in a particular game. Example 1: A team that wins a game 4-2 gets a run differential of +2; the loser of that game gets a -2. Example 2: This tie-breaking step carries a maximum limit of 8 runs. A team that wins a game 15-3 gets a run differential of +8; the loser of that games gets a -8. This limit is imposed so that teams are not rewarded for scoring as many runs as possible against weaker opponents.

Run Rules/Mercy Rules

USSSA rules:

Age Division Winner of Game Declared (if it occurs) Maximum Runs per Inning
6-8 CP The game is over, when the opposing team is mathematically eliminated from scoring enough runs to win or tie the game. 7 per inning
8U KP, 9-12 15 runs ahead after 3 complete innings
or 8 runs ahead after 4 complete innings
13-15 15 runs ahead after 3 complete innings
or 12 runs ahead after 4 complete innings
or 8 runs ahead after 5 complete innings

RV Parking – Parking for recreational vehicles is allowed in the Complex C lot; however, there are no special hook-ups available for these vehicles.

Sanctioning Organizations – Teams that play in Sportsplex tournaments must sanction their team with the governing body that approves the event. For baseball, this is usually the USSSA.  Any tournament rules in effect on a particular weekend are those of the sanctioning body for that event (with adjustments possibly made for Sportsplex-specific rules).

Schedules – Weekend tournament schedules are generally posted on our website ( by the Tuesday night that precedes the event. Occasionally, for unforeseen circumstances, the schedule’s release may be delayed until Wednesday.

Sky Zone – Located directly across BancorpSouth Parkway from the Sportsplex’s Field #11, Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park with special deals for Sportsplex tournament teams. It’s one of the most fun environments in Jackson, and Sky Zone partners with the Sportsplex to provide one of the best promotions in our facility: Any player on Field #10 who can steer a home run ball down the left-field line and hit the trampoline during a game wins a special jumping package for the entire team.

Sponsorship/Partnership – Businesses may establish sponsorships or partnerships with the Sportsplex by contacting us at the main office number (731-425-8640) or emailing and expressing their interest. There are sponsorships and partnerships in a variety of price ranges, and each is designed to provide maximum exposure for our partners and drive new business traffic to their locations. Partnerships include signage, field & pod naming rights, concessions sales (for food products), and other creative ventures.

Sportsmanship – The key characteristic the Sportsplex tries to promote is respect – for authority, for teammates, for opponents and for the game. As such, we expect for good sportsmanship to be the norm. Poor conduct here will be penalized. If a coach, player or spectator is ejected from a game, he or she will also be considered suspended from the team’s next game. In very limited special circumstances, the tournament director or umpire-in-chief reserves the right to allow a suspended player or coach to return for the following game. Coaches are responsible for the actions of their team’s players and fans, and inappropriate conduct by any party can result in ejections and/or game forfeiture. Please remember: (1) These are kids; (2) This is a game; (3) The coaches are volunteers; (4) The umpires are human; and (5) This is not the Major Leagues. Please act accordingly. (See also: Ejections.)

Team Check-In – Each team that plays at the Sportsplex must have a representative check in at the main office at least 30 minutes prior to its first game of an event in order to settle entry fee payment (if necessary), and to receive an official schedule and/or any tournament distributions from sponsoring entities.  If no payment is required or has been paid on-line, please proceed to the field of your first scheduled game.

Team Insurance – Every team that plays at the Sportsplex is required to provide proof of team insurance. A copy of the team’s certificate of insurance must be provided at the team check-in prior to a team’s participation in its first Sportsplex tournament of the season.

Tie Breakers – For all baseball events, if more than one team in a pool or age group has the same record at the end of pool play (or the first two games of an event that doesn’t have pools because of an odd number of teams), there is a distinct order of tie breakers that is used to determine seeding placements: (1) Best record – a team with no losses or ties is ahead of any team that has a loss or tie; (2) Head-to-head result – if two teams have the same record, but one team beat the other, the winning team gets the edge; this step cannot be used if more than two teams are tied; (3) Runs allowed – among tied teams, the team that has allowed the fewest runs gets the edge; (4) Run differential – if still tied after applying the “runs allowed” category, the team with the largest scoring differential in their games gets the edge; there is a maximum of eight runs (see also Run Differential) for any single game that can be applied as a differential, positive or negative; (5) If still tied by this step, the team with the most sanctioning body points for the year-to-date gets the edge; (6) If tied in sanctioning body points, a coin flip will determine the team with the edge.

Time Limits – For all baseball games at the Sportsplex, the time limits are as follows: Age 7-8, 1 hour 15 minutes; Age 9-10, 1 hour and 25 minutes for pool play and 1 hour 30 minutes for elimination play; Age 11-12, 1 hour and 30 minutes for pool play and 1 hour 35 minutes for elimination play; Age 13-14, 1 hour and 35 minutes for pool play and 1 hour 40 minutes for elimination play. Age 15, 1 hour and 40 minutes for both pool and elimination play. The game length is 6 innings for Age 7-12, and 7 innings for Age 13-15.  Bracket round semifinals and silver division finals will have the same time limits. Pool play games can end in ties. Time limits apply to all games except age division Gold championship finals – for these, a standard 2-hour time limit(exception of 9U AA – 1 hour and 45 minutes) will apply for all age groups.  Time limits may be altered by the Tournament Director for a multitude of reasons.  Please refer to the “Coaches Email” that is sent prior to each and every tournament for the most up-to-date info regarding time limits for your specific tournament.

Tobacco – No tobacco products of any kind are allowed inside the park. There are designated areas for smoking outside of the park’s fencing.

Tournament Format – The Sportsplex reserves the right to alter or abbreviate a tournament’s format, when necessary, in order to attempt to complete a tournament affected by inclement weather or similar disruption. This may include elimination of any silver division competition if necessary.

Trash Receptacles – Numerous trash receptacles have been stationed throughout the facility, including in every dugout. Please help us keep the park clean by using these receptacles. Please encourage respect for the neatness of the facility by asking your teams to pick up trash and debris in their dugouts at the conclusion of each game.

Vapor Cigarettes/E-Cigarettes – No smoking of e-cigs or vapor cigs is allowed inside the park.

Wi-Fi – There is free Wi-Fi available throughout the facility; no password is required. Game results for tournament events are posted on the Internet within minutes of each game’s conclusion.